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Give the gift that will

change the world

this Christmas.

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Share a free audio-dramatization

of the birth of Jesus Christ with

1 million listeners.

Click Video to Play

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How will my contribution make a difference?

Your Christmas contribution will fund distribution* of NATIVITY on social media (through paid social media ads). Click the DONATE button below to give from $1 to $1,000 or more—depending on how many people you want to share the Christmas story with this year. Every dollar you give will pay for an average of 20 social media views and two downloads of the Nativity series. A contribution of $100 will pay for 2,000 views and 20 downloads. If you're more comfortable contributing on Kickstarter, we're also running a campaign simultaneously on that platform. Visit our Kickstarter page here.


Initially, we’ll promote the series through paid campaigns on major digital platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube). We will also work with influencers, bloggers, podcasts, and other digital organizations to drive traffic. Based on donations, we may initiate additional paid marketing through traditional media channels. Between direct social media advertising and organic sharing, our goal is for at least 1 million people to download and listen to the series by Christmas Day, 2020.


*The entire series has been recorded and edited. A portion of donations will fund completion of sound effects editing and completion of the soundtrack.

For a list of donor gifts and acknowledgements, see below.

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In giving, you receive . . .



















For You and Your Family

Free access to NATIVITY for life (on this site)

+ Access to listening party with creative team

+ "Making Of" audio episode with creators

+ Streamed discussion with creative team

+ Personalized web version to gift to others

+ Executive producer credit on this site

+ Copy of NATIVITY script

+ Private presentation for your group

* Estimated

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